Race Results - 2017, WHYS

posted Sep 19, 2017, 4:15 AM by Robert Dudley

Horton Trophy Races, Saturday, July 8, 2017

1st  SS 128           George Carmany and Abby Connett 

2nd SS 135          Rob Dudley and Jim Ewing

3rd SS 120           John and John Sartorius -tie

3rd SS 13             Denise and  Deb Dalmasse-tie

4th SS 125           Henry and Phil Smyth

5th SS 106           Paul Graf

5th SS 11             Bob Hadden and Bud Dunbar


Smith’s Point Races, Sunday, July 23

1st SS 135   Rob Dudley and Jim Ewing

2nd SS 13    Denise and Deb Dalmasse-tie

2nd SS 148  Hampy Smith and Janet Jurgielewicz-tie

3rd SS 11    Bob Hadden and Bud Dunbar


SSCA Championship Races, Saturday, August 12

1st Race Winner SS 11    Bob Hadden, Atwater Trophy

3 Race Series Winner      Chris Dalmasse

2nd place Series tie         Rob Dudley and Bob Hadden


Dudley Trophy Races, Saturday, September 2

1st  SS 13             Luke Hickling

2nd SS 81             Jim and Ellen Sanders??????

3rd SS 135           Rob Dudley

4th SS 106           Paul Graf and Helen Horton

5th SS 11             Bob Hadden


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